The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On

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The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On

The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On AL.comThe Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On Major Local Media Source

Da Spokesman and The Awesomeness League is officially shared amongst the people of the state of Alabama.

Today the project was feature on with the publishing by Kay Campbell. I will share some excerpts from the article and give a link to where the article can be viewed.

The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On Excerpt Of The Article

Here is the snippet from the article and if you would like to read more, click here

“Stargell has assembled his own team to bring The International Awesomeness League to life with cartooning and programming. He has built several websites to launch his game, comic book, comedy bookings and motivational work. Despite the time it takes, with his wife, Sasha, to raise his two daughters, both younger than 3, he manages to keep plugging away at his dream – not unlike the sturdy little character that charges around the square sets of his video games. ”

‘Games can be used to build critical thinking skills, especially when the player is in control of their character’

“After all, as his video game character learns, you gain more powers as you struggle – especially when you manage to keep humor in the midst of the fights. Or as one of the characters in “Major League,” the edition of the game in which Da Spokesman is in college, puts it if a player clicks on her: “I sometimes feel like I’m in a video game.” ”

The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On Thank You For Viewing

It is an honor to be selected to be written about in a newspaper and I can only imagine what our journey will have in store for the future.
Again thank you all and especially Ms. Kay Campbell and for posting an article on us. Remember everyone to take an opportunity each day to Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness.

Take Care And God Bless

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On

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The Awesomeness Team Takes Spot On

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