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Living Against The River – About Us

Living Against The River (LATR) is a nonprofit organization/community that focuses on helping people achieves balance in the six core areas and looking at methods that is different than what the majority is doing.

The six core areas are:

Physical is the area that will be the source of information for natural healing practices. Our Medical industry mainly focuses on fixing the symptoms instead of the problems. That is why those who take medicine usual get sicker and sicker. Once we focus on the root issue of the problem, we can address it and ultimately resolve it.

Mental is the knowledge center of the group. This area focuses on the way to do certain things and have forums in which to share ideas and even processes. This area is great because knowledge is not powerful unless it is shared.

Emotional is the state of engaging and acknowledging the person within you. This is understood from the book by Daniel Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence”.  It is with this area that enables us to find our hot buttons and control our emotions.

Social is the area that deals with professional life and relationships with others. Also Public speaking has been listed as a top fear for years and it is this area that would address this issue.

Financial is the area in which address things like budget, retirement, and investment to name a few. The objective is to empower those in LATR to have the ability to take control of their economy which would lead into influencing the economy of his or her circle of influence.

Spiritual is the area that looks past our core and enrich the inner consciousness in us all. No this is not to force religion on you, but to help develop the ability to tap into the infinite intelligence or source which most people give it a name of deities or a deity.

The goal is that the information presented within the group and the organizations LATR will support can help people live a more fulfilled life and share the information with others.

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