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Living Against The River – About Us

Living Against The River (LATR) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization/community that focuses on helping people achieve harmony in the six core areas and looking at methods that is different than what the majority is doing.

The six core areas are: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Spiritual

Physical – The first core area deals will all sources of information for natural healing and preventive practices. Our current medical industry mainly focuses on fixing the symptoms instead of the problems, which results in cases of people medicating the ailments

Mental – The second core area is the knowledge center of the group. This area focuses on the sharing of ideas and processes through forums, presentation, and demonstrations. This area is great because knowledge is not powerful unless it is shared.

Emotional – The third core area is the state of engaging and acknowledging the person within you. It is with this area that we are able to find our hot buttons and understand what can make us break down emotionally..

Social – The fourth core area is the section that deals with professional life and relationships with others. Everyone has some sort of social anxiety or fear, such as public speaking being listed as a top fear. We supply people with different ways to overcome those anxieties and increase their soft skills to better deal with people.

Financial – The fifth core area is the area in which address things like budget, retirement, and investment to name a few. The objective is to empower those in LATR to have the ability to take control of their economy which would lead into influencing the economy of his or her circle of influence.

Spiritual – The sixth core area is the section that looks past our physical being and enriches the inner consciousness in us all. One must learn to embrace and channel a higher power through meditation (prayer). This area is considered to be the most important one of all the areas.

Living Against The River addresses one or more of the core areas through the services that we provide.

In 2012, Living Against The River held the first event and it was called the Financial Wellness Workshop which started in 2012. In these workshops, we were able to service people in the Huntsville and surrounding areas in developing a budget, developing a savings plan and preparing for the tax season.

In 2014, Living Against The River also started a Health and Wellness Channel to address different health issues and ways to address them. This channel addressed the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our mission. Topics included exercising, preventive tips, natural remedies, and even sex wellness.

In 2015, Living Against The River become incorporated with the state of Alabama and acquired the 501c3 tax exemption status.

Living Against The River has also completed the pilot classes for Couples Bonding Through Dance and Personality Consciousness Through Dance. Both classes will be open to the public in 2016.

Living Against The River is also open to partnership with other groups, agencies, and organizations that share in a mission that coincide with ours.

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